Jpixels Web Design

Why you should choose my business to build Your Website

I am a Web Designer that loves building Websites that give off your business vibe with a professional yet clean appearance for an extremely low price that has my competition begging for mercy. My Business will not only give you the appearance every business needs, but it will also take your business to the next level with putting you online so your beloved customers have everything they need online. I work with your business and want too see you become super sucsessful, so hop on board and let's start getting you those wonderful customers.

What My Business Offers

Website Design

A Design that looks amazing on all electronic devices.

Site Hosting

We provide you with cheap, fast, and incredible hosting that is kept and maintained for you

Logo & Graphic Design

Get the appearance of a real professional and attract more customers with fantastic logos made by us

Online Store

Want to Sell Stuff online? Don't wanna spend extra just to do it? Well now you can with our Online Store Store system.

Automated Backups

Site Safety is a must, but don't spill everything out of your wallet just to do it! Our Software is reliable, cheap, and stress free


Get rid of that annoying @gmail, @yahoo at the end of your email address.. Get your own custom email @ for free with any hosting plan you choose

Like Jpixels? Well c'mon get in-touch with one of our passionate designers today!